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October 2016 — Current Releases

Leap the Moon

Leap the Moon by Lynda Ward (ebook)

Despite her privileged upbringing, TV producer Jennie Welles’s success was all her own. She had fame, money, beauty—everything except purpose. When she met dedicated chemist Griffin Stark, she envied the goals that drove him, and she dreamed that the two of them could pursue those goals together. She knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him. If only he weren’t also suing her for libel… 2nd of the Welles’s sisters trilogy. Contemporary Romance by Lynda Ward, originally published by Harlequin Superromance

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Halloween Magic

Halloween Magic by Sandra Heath (ebook)

Verity Windsor had loved Lord Montacute before she found his seal on the village green, but after that he seemed to desire her as well. The witch Judith Villiers had planned to entrap him and destroy him, but had dropped the seal before accomplishing her task. Now Verity was unable to resist the temptation Lord Montacute offered, though her uncle detested him… Regency Paranormal Romance by Sandra Heath; originally published by Signet

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A Cotswolds Legacy

A Cotswolds Legacy by Nancy Buckingham (ebook)

Actress Dulcie Royle is shocked to receive an inheritance from the father she had believed long dead. Her legacy is a Cotswold country house adjoining a pharmaceutical laboratory. Rather than sell, she is tempted to make a new life for herself in this beautiful Cotswold countryside. But she meets hostility and soon unearths mysteries that put her life in danger. Romantic Suspense/Gothic by Nancy Buckingham; originally published by Robert Hale [UK] as Cloud Over Malverton

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Dazzling Brightness

Dazzling Brightness by Roberta Gellis (ebook)

Roberta Gellis has reimagined the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone, in all its colorful intensity. Persephone has been restless under her domineering mother, Demeter. When Hades kidnaps her to his Underworld and teaches her what “gift” she has, he is threatened by the other mages to return her to Demeter. But Demeter realizes that her grown daughter has a will of her own… 1st of the Myth trilogy by Roberta Gellis; originally published by Pinnacle

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... and all-time favorites

Fires of Summer

Fires of Summer by Catherine Spencer (ebook)

Widow Susannah Boyd leaves the city which caused her such heartache, and moves with her young son to remote Cameron’s Landing. Benny will be safe there and she will find peace of mind – or so she believes until forest-fire pilot Travis O’Connor flies into town and into her heart. But something very ugly is at work in Cameron’s Landing, threatening everything she holds dear. Contemporary Romance by Catherine Spencer; originally published by Harlequin American

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Ever a Song

Ever a Song by Karen Toller Whittenburg (ebook)

Autumn Tremayne was returning to Chesapeake Bay from a glamorous five years in New York City. Home to Cade O’Connor, her former business partner, and best friend. But Cade was cool and distant, unable to believe she would stay around. And Autumn wanted nothing more than to have him take her in his arms and love her. Contemporary Romance by Karen Toller Whittenburg; originally published by Dell Candlelight Ecstasy Romance

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The Music of Passion

The Music of Passion by Lynda Ward (ebook)

For Megan music was a haven. At the piano she found solace following her late husband’s cruel betrayal. Summoned to Austria by his aristocratic brother Kurt, she discovered a valuable inheritance--but more stunning was the effect of Kurt’s seductive, destructive charm. Too late Megan realized he might be as deceitful and dangerous as his brother, and this time it would take more than music to protect her. Contemporary Romance by Lynda Ward; originally published by Harlequin Superromance

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