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February 2016 — Current Releases

Wildcat Summer

Wildcat Summer by Lynda Ward (ebook)

After her husband’s scandalous death, Marian struggled to run the small Oklahoma oil company they had built together, but when petroleum rustlers threatened the welfare of her and her teenage daughter, Marian was forced to ask for help from a young troubleshooter. Donovan warned that tracking thieves was dangerous, but Marian would risk anything to protect the business. But could she protect her heart? Contemporary Romance by Lynda Ward; originally published by Harlequn SuperRomance

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A Judgment of Vampires

A Judgment of Vampires by Maggie MacKeever (ebook)

Cezar Korzha has been wandering this earth for a very long time. He has also survived, thus far, his succession to Master of Edinburgh. But inconvenient corpses are popping up in public places. His creator is trying to destroy him. His allies are falling victim to Cupid's dart. Cezar has an otherworldly being in his drawing room and a judicator on his doorstep. A Regency Romance with Vampires; The Edinburgh Vampires, Book III by Maggie MacKeever; originally published by Vintage Ink Press

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The Apple Pie Adventure

The Apple Pie Adventure by Cynthia Baxter/Cynthia Blair (ebook)

Identical twins Chris and Susan Pratt head to the Big Apple for college, thrilled that they’re embarking on the biggest adventure of their lives. But when Susan’s paintings catch the eye of a SoHo gallery owner, they find themselves thrust into the secret side of New York City’s exciting art world—and one of their most harrowing adventures ever. 10th of the Pratt twin series. Young adult fiction by Cynthia Blair; originally published by Fawcett Juniper

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Murder Is Come Again

Murder Is Come Again by Joan Smith (ebook)

The Berkeley Brigade go to Brighton because Coffen Pattle has inherited a house there. But once again they’re involved in a mystery, as someone has been searching the house. Pattle is enamored of Mary, who wants to rent the house, but when she’s murdered, he learns the truth about her. And then there’s the highwayman Mad Jack, and the tavern next door where he disappears. An 11th adventure for the Berkeley Brigade! Regency Mystery by Joan Smith; originally published by Belgrave House/Regency Reads

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... and all-time favorites

Deadly Will

Deadly Will by Marion Moore Hill (ebook)

In 1789 Nathan Henry imitated his neighbor Benjamin Franklin by creating a will not to be read for over two hundred years. In 2001 Millie Kirchner, struggling single-mother, received an invitation to the reading of that will. A trip to historic Philadelphia to meet unknown relatives is almost as alluring as any inheritance. But when one new cousin mysteriously drowns and another is stabbed, Millie begins to wonder if she might be killed next. Mystery by Marion Moore Hill; originally published by Pemberley Press

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Beyond the Savage Sea

Beyond the Savage Sea by JoAnn Wendt (ebook)

Edwinna Crawford would inherit the Barbados plantation if she found a man to marry in the next twenty-four hours. Within her sight Drake Steel, handsome and defiant, was shackled waist-deep in the sea, about to be executed as a pirate. Marrying him would save his life—and could provide her with an intoxicating passion. But it was a bargain with the devil… Historical Romance by JoAnn Wendt; originally published by Popular Library

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A Sea Change

A Sea Change by Lynda Ward (ebook)

Freespirited ecologist Ariel was intent on saving the world--mostly from people like Zachary, an uptight corporate executive who mistrusted her motives. Brought together by their mutual concern for Ariel's ailing grandmother, the unlikely pair discovered an intense physical attraction neither could deny. Passion was easy. What was harder was overcoming suspicion and cynicism, if they ever hoped to find common ground and make a future together. Contemporary Romance by Lynda Ward; originally published by Harlequin Superromance

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