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May 2016 — Current Releases

Love in Tandem

Love in Tandem by Lynda Ward (ebook)

In the office Brandt and Meredith were a team, running his successful computer company. From nine to five they remained strictly professional, despite their powerful mutual attraction. But outside of work each pursued demanding, all-consuming solo interests, Meredith as a jazz singer, Brandt a champion cyclist, that left no room for romance. Would there ever be time for them just to be together? Contemporary Romance by Lynda Ward; originally published by Harlequin Temptation

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The Lollipop Plot

The Lollipop Plot by Cynthia Baxter/Cynthia Blair (ebook)

When the mayor of Chris and Susan Pratt’s home town receives a threatening letter, once again the twins use their cleverness – and their identical appearance – to track down the culprit. But in this sleuthing adventure, the twins’ ability to play the role of actress – and to convince people they’re someone they’re not – rises to a whole new level. #12 of the Pratt twins series. Young Adult Fiction by Cynthia Blair; originally published by Fawcett Juniper

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Mystery at Oakfield Hall

Mystery at Oakfield Hall by Irena Nieslony (ebook)

Rachel Fisher is a talented actress, and a beautiful woman. She seems to have it all, except for a man in her life. Then she inherits Oakfield Hall, and two handsome relatives enter her life. Will she be able to choose between them, and why is someone now trying to kill her? Contemporary Mystery by Irena Nieslony; originally published by My Weekly at DC Thompson [UK]

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Winter Roses

Winter Roses by Catherine Spencer (ebook)

Young widow Meredith Blake was content living with her elderly adopted ‘family’ in her rented house. Then Tom Whitney, former adolescent town pariah and now absentee landlord and big city lawyer, landed on her doorstep and taught her what she was missing by turning her back on passion. People were appalled at the liaison – until Tom proved a former ‘bad boy’ was capable of redemption. Contemporary Romance by Catherine Spencer; originally published by Harlequin Romance

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The Talk of the Town

The Talk of the Town by Fran Baker (ebook)

During the Great Depression Roxie Mitchell has been warned to avoid Luke Bauer, an ex-con. Yet she hires him, daring to offer him a second chance even as gossip mushrooms in the small Missouri town to which they each have recently returned. Luke is an underdog and a man she finds hard to resist. Roxie is Luke’s only friend, but both their friends and foes will test them. A Daughters of the Great Depression novel by Fran Baker; originally published by Five Star

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Murder at Plimoth Plantation

Murder at Plimoth Plantation by Leslie Wheeler (ebook)

When a living history museum turns deadly right before Thanksgiving, armchair historian, Miranda Lewis, becomes an amateur sleuth. At Plimoth Plantation, the famous seventeenth-century village where her niece works as an interpreter, Miranda discovers protesting Indians, hostile Pilgrims, and finally a grisly murder. With her niece under suspicion, Miranda struggles to prove her innocent and ends up face to face with a ruthless killer. 1st Miranda Lewis Mystery by Leslie Wheeler; originally published by Larcom Press

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God Save the Queen!

God Save the Queen! by Dorothy Cannell (ebook)

Flora was raised at gloomy Gossinger Hall because her grandfather, Hutchins, was the butler there. When Sir Henry announced that he was changing his will to leave the Hall to Hutchins, he upset several people. But then Hutchins was found dead under curious circumstances. Coping with her loss, Flora moved to London, followed by Vivian Gossinger, the heir apparent. Was he trying to protect her—and from what? British Cozy Mystery by Dorothy Cannell; originally published by Bantam

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