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September 2016 — Current Releases

Halloween Magic

Halloween Magic by Sandra Heath (ebook)

Verity Windsor had loved Lord Montacute before she found his seal on the village green, but after that he seemed to desire her as well. The witch Judith Villiers had planned to entrap him and destroy him, but had dropped the seal before accomplishing her task. Now Verity was unable to resist the temptation Lord Montacute offered, though her uncle detested him… Regency Paranormal Romance by Sandra Heath; originally published by Signet

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A Cotswolds Legacy

A Cotswolds Legacy by Nancy Buckingham (ebook)

Actress Dulcie Royle is shocked to receive an inheritance from the father she had believed long dead. Her legacy is a Cotswold country house adjoining a pharmaceutical laboratory. Rather than sell, she is tempted to make a new life for herself in this beautiful Cotswold countryside. But she meets hostility and soon unearths mysteries that put her life in danger. Romantic Suspense/Gothic by Nancy Buckingham; originally published by Robert Hale [UK] as Cloud Over Malverton

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Dazzling Brightness

Dazzling Brightness by Roberta Gellis (ebook)

Roberta Gellis has reimagined the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone, in all its colorful intensity. Persephone has been restless under her domineering mother, Demeter. When Hades kidnaps her to his Underworld and teaches her what “gift” she has, he is threatened by the other mages to return her to Demeter. But Demeter realizes that her grown daughter has a will of her own… 1st of the Myth trilogy by Roberta Gellis; originally published by Pinnacle

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The Dancers' Land

The Dancers' Land by Elisabeth Kidd (ebook)

Kate Collier came to love Spain while living there with her uncle’s family. She even forgot the first stirrings of passionate love she’d felt years before as an impressionable girl in Paris. But when Napoleon’s army invaded her sunny land, and Britain’s army came to help the Spanish drive him out, her heart was torn between the home she’d chosen and the love she thought would never return. Historical Romance by Elisabeth Kidd; originally published by Avon

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... and all-time favorites

Death in the Aegean

Death in the Aegean by Irena Nieslony (ebook)

Another murder mystery for the stunning, but reckless and often aggressive Eve Masters. Although she is becoming a little more settled on the island of Crete and her romance with David Baker is blossoming, she is unable to stop herself from attempting to solve murders for the Greek police. This time it’s even more difficult for her to stay detached as she literally trips over the body herself. 3rd Eve Masters Mystery. Contemporary Romantic Suspense by Irena Nieslony; originally published by My Weekly at DC Thompson (UK).

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Close to Home

Close to Home by Cynthia Baxter/Cynthia Blair (ebook)

When Jessica MacAllister takes time off from her career to move to the suburbs and become a full time wife and mother, it’s not all Ozzie and Harriet. Then her cigar-chomping real-estate agent is murdered, and she can’t resist investigating. Jessica teams up with the victim’s charming – and surprisingly attentive – younger brother, meanwhile wrestling with her own ambivalence about her new role. Contemporary mystery by Cynthia Baxter written as Cynthia Blair; originally published by Ballantine

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Flowers by Moonlight

Flowers by Moonlight by Cynthia Bailey Pratt (ebook)

The faerie Sira discovers a young knight, Conn of Hamdry, asleep in the forest. Though blind from a battle wound, he is also strong and powerful. Faeries may not be touched by humans, but Sira’s curiosity and Conn’s desire draw them together. Can Sira give up the exquisite faerie world and her immortality to be with the man who has stolen her heart? Paranormal historical romance by Cynthia Bailey Pratt writing as Lynn Bailey; originally published by Jove Magical Love

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