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October 2014 — Current Releases

The Gentleman Insists

The Gentleman Insists by Amii Lorin (ebook)

Hank Branson was reluctant to attend the Easter festivities his teenage part-time secretary had invited him to. But then he saw her mother, Laura Seaton, who set off every sensual alarm in his body. But Laura seemed reluctant to give him a chance. Hank found her irresistible, and he simply had to insist…and insist...and insist until the lady surrendered....under her own terms, of course. Contemporary Romance by Amii Lorin writing as Joan Hohl; originally published by Silhouette Desire

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I'll Be There

I'll Be There by Janet Woods (ebook)

In the 'Swinging' 60s, Janey Renfrew goes to London. There, a group of friends encourage her to paint. She rises above the drug scene, until someone laces her drink and she learns that as a child she’d accused the wrong man of abuse. She intends to find some way to put things right, and Griff, her childhood friend, encourages her in that task as they fall in love. Women’s Fiction by Janet Woods; originally published by Robert Hale [UK] as Against the Tide

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Journey of the Heart

Journey of the Heart by Marjorie Farrell (ebook)

Caitlin Burke returns to her family in New Mexico from an Eastern school. Her horse, Night Sky, injured in an accident, has been cared for by wrangler Gabe Hart. Cait and Gabe are attracted to each other, but a threat is posed by the greedy cattle rancher Nelson Mackie to take over the Burke ranch. Sequel to Desert Hearts. American Historical Romance by Marjorie Farrell; originally published by Topaz

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Deadly Deceit

Deadly Deceit by Nancy Buckingham (ebook)

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Maddox is on holiday in Lisbon with her partner, Richard Gower, when they meet acquaintances of his. Major Bletchley is tired, but his wife accompanies them to a Fado club. When they return to the hotel the major is dead – murdered. The investigation links to another murder back home in the Cotswolds, and proves very complex for Kate. British Mystery by Nancy Buckingham writing as Erica Quest; originally published by the Piatkus Crime Club

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... and all-time favorites

Once a Warrior

Once a Warrior by Fran Baker (ebook)

An epic family saga set against the wars that shaped generations of Americans. A realistic yet sensitive story of love and friendship, courage and cowardice, this powerful tale is filled with rich emotion, high tension and stunning passion. A timeless tale of the triumph of love amid war, of love against all odds. Epic Family Saga/Romance by Fran Baker; originally published by Delphi Books

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Splendid You

Splendid You by Cynthia Bailey Pratt (ebook)

Egyptologist Simon Archer thinks his long-time correspondent, a self-taught hieroglyphics expert, is an elderly woman. He is horrified to find that Julia Hanson is young, beautiful, and determined to accompany him on his expedition—something not done in 1849. Julia accidentally releases An-ket, a long-trapped Egyptian spirit who can make her way to Heaven only by bringing these two headstrong people together. Historical Paranormal Romance by Cynthia Bailey Pratt writing as Lynn Bailey; originally published by Jove

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Mad Season

Mad Season by Nancy Means Wright (ebook)

Single mother-farmer Ruth Willmarth discovers her neighbor, Lucien, and his part-Indian wife Belle, bloody, beaten, and robbed of their life savings. When Belle dies, Ruth faces barn burnings and the disappearance of her son--as she and would-be lover Colm Hanna, who serves as Realtor, town mortician, and part-time cop, track the killer's muddy trail to put an end to this mad season. Mystery by Nancy Means Wright; originally published by St. Martin’s Press

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