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July 2016 — Current Releases

Merlyn's Isle

Merlyn's Isle by Elisabeth Kidd (ebook)

Claire Bradley travels to Cornwall searching for answers about her sister Elaine’s death—and her even more mysterious life. Elaine’s brother-in-law, Gareth Trent, owner of the otherworldly home on the ocean called Merlyn’s Isle, insists there is no mystery, but invites Claire to stay to collect Elaine’s things, hoping to satisfy her that Elaine and her husband really did die in a boating accident. Gothic novella by Elisabeth Kidd for only $1.

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Death of a Dancer

Death of a Dancer by Irena Nieslony (ebook)

Rachel Fisher was now opening her new hotel. She couldn’t have been happier when friends chose her hotel to hold a 60th birthday party weekend. However, a startling discovery starts off a chain of events which can’t be stopped. Is Josh who he seems to be, and is Rachel’s life in danger again? Handsome Chief Inspector Taylor turns up to solve the crime. 2nd Rachel Fisher mystery Contemporary Mystery by Irena Nieslony; originally published by My Weekly at DC Thompson [UK]

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The Coconut Connection

The Coconut Connection by Cynthia Baxter/Cynthia Blair (ebook)

When the Pratt twins’ Christmas gift is a surprise trip to Hawaii, they expect a relaxing trip in paradise. But Chris and Susan soon discover that a tiny island off Waikiki harbors a secret. The clever, courageous girls can’t resist solving the mystery, once again using their identical appearance to accomplish the impossible! #13 of the Pratt twins series. Young Adult Fiction by Cynthia Blair; originally published by Fawcett Juniper

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... and all-time favorites

Face Down before Rebel Hooves

Face Down before Rebel Hooves by Kathy Lynn Emerson (ebook)

Elizabethan Mystery by Kathy Lynn Emerson

When Sir Walter Pendennis asks her help to stop a treasonous uprising, how can Lady Appleton refuse? Pretending to be someone else, she infiltrates the rebel camp and puts her own life at risk, but it isn't always easy to tell the villains from the heroes and the two feisty countesses leading the Rebellion of 1569 are forces to be reckoned with. 6th of the Face Down historical mystery series originally published by St. Martin’s

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Underdog by Marilyn Sachs (ebook)

Orphaned eleven-year-old Izzy is shipped off to San Francisco, to stay with an uncle and his wife who plan to send her to boarding school. Izzy’s memory about her past is dim. Why did her father hate her uncle so much? How did her mother die? And what happened to the little dog, Gus, she had once loved? Izzy is determined to find the answers. Children’s/Young Adult Fiction by Marilyn Sachs; originally published by Doubleday (Young Readers)

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Poison Apples

Poison Apples by Nancy Means Wright (ebook)

Catastrophe hits a Vermont apple orchard: a plague of maggots, a spray of RoundUp, hate calls from a local cult, poisoned fruit that kills a Jamaican picker, and a young girl in a risky relationship. Dairy farmer Ruth Willmarth rushes to help--only to watch the troubles pile up on her own doorstep!

"Wright doesn't put a foot wrong in this well-wrought mystery." (The Boston Globe)

3rd Ruth Willmarth Mystery by Nancy Means Wright; originally published by St. Martins Minotaur

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Mistress of Marymoor

Mistress of Marymoor by Anna Jacobs (ebook)

Deborah Jannvier and her widowed mother are dependent on her cruel uncle. One evening a handsome stranger arrives with a message from her great-uncle, who is on his death-bed. If Deborah will do as he asks, she’ll be made mistress of Marymoor and all her worries will be over. Dare she ride off across the moors with this stranger? And what will she have to do? Historical Romance by Anna Jacobs; originally published by Severn House [UK]

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