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October 2015 — Current Releases

The Double Dip Disguise

The Double Dip Disguise by Cynthia Baxter/Cynthia Blair (ebook)

Identical twins Christine and Susan Pratt spend the summer on idyllic Seagull Island with their grandparents. Chris works at an ice-cream parlor, while Susan babysits for the island’s wealthiest family, who live in a spooky Victorian mansion. But both the house and the island are brimming with secrets, and despite the risks, the curious twins can’t resist using their identical appearance to uncover the truth. 8th of the Pratt Twin series. Young Adult Fiction by Cynthia Blair; originally published by Fawcett Juniper

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Jessica by Sandra Heath (ebook)

After Jessica Durleigh, a farmer’s daughter, became engaged to the local squire, she ran off with Philip Woodville because she loved him. After Philip died, she has returned because he had willed tiny Applegate to her. Only she and Philip’s mother mourned his passing, and Jessica would soon learn why. But Sir Nicholas, Philip’s older brother, was intent on finding out how Philip had financed his lifestyle… British Historical Romance by Sandra Heath writing as Sandra Wilson; originally published by Fawcett Coventry

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City of Secrets

City of Secrets by Elisabeth Kidd (ebook)

When Madeleine Malcolm asks detective Devin Grant to find her missing husband, neither trusts the other’s motives. Grant thinks Maddie has other reasons than love for her quest, and she is unaware that Devin is also investigating a plot against the Prince of Wales—a plot that Teddy Malcolm may be involved in. But their growing attraction begins to outstrip their caution—and leads them into danger. Historical Romance/Mystery by Elisabeth Kidd; originally published by Warner as Sweet Secrets

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The Assembly

The Assembly by Janet Woods (ebook)

A collection of Janet Woods’s stories including: The Seventh Dawn, Body Switch, Spirit of Love, Blind Man’s Bluff, Kirra Kirra, Blackberry Jam, That’s Amoré, Seeing Red, Rogue of Hearts and Magpie Magic. Some are fantasy, some romance and some science fiction. FREE. Stories by Janet Woods; original collection from Belgrave House

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... and all-time favorites

Bridesmaids Revisited #10

Bridesmaids Revisited #10 by Dorothy Cannell (ebook)

Ellie Haskell received a letter from her dead grandmother Sophia’s supposed “bridesmaids,” which urged her to visit them at the Old Rectory, so Sophia could make “contact.” Since husband Ben is away with the children, Ellie and housekeeper Mrs. Malloy (who wished to avoid one of her former husbands) set out on a journey which would involve an old diary and a séance—and several startling revelations. British cozy mystery by Dorothy Cannell; originally published by Viking

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True to Her Heart

True to Her Heart by Martha Schroeder (ebook)

Lucinda Harrowby was a vicar’s daughter with few resources beside her beauty and intelligence. She fell in love with wealthy businessman Jeffrey Bancroft, but couldn’t determine if his proposal was from duty or love. So she became a nurse in Scutari with Florence Nightingale. Ironically, she was the one chosen to show Jeffrey what the troops needed—and perhaps what both of them desired. Second of the Angels of Mercy trilogy. Historical Romance by Martha Schroeder; originally published by Zebra

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