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All our Regency and Georgian ebooks are now on Regency Reads. New releases: The Hermit's Daughter by Joan Smith, The Black Mask by Cynthia Bailey Pratt, A Disgraceful Affair by Sally James, and Bath Belles by Joan Smith.

July 2014

Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts by Marjorie Farrell (ebook)

At 14 Elizabeth Rush survived a Comanchero raid and was rescued by Lt. Thomas Woolcott, whom she later married. Twelve-year-old Michael Burke was sent by his father from famine-stricken Ireland to America. They met in Navajo territory with widely different points of view on Army life, the Navajo and their spiritualism, and each other. When Elizabeth is widowed, Michael may finally be able to express his passion. American Western Historical Romance by Marjorie Farrell; originally published by Topaz

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The Golden Lure

The Golden Lure by Katherine Langton (ebook)

When Ella Matthews's adventurous gold-seeking brother invites her to join him in Australia, she eagerly takes him up on his invitation. Upon arriving in Melbourne and with no word from her brother, Ella is friendless and almost destitute. Gold fever has swept the country and she doesn't know to whom to turn... except journalist Nathaniel Lake. Would he let her accompany him to the goldfields? Historical Romance by Katherine Langton; originally published by D. C. Thomson [UK]

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Cold Coffin

Cold Coffin by Nancy Buckingham (ebook)

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Maddox, off-duty and watching a polo match, is vexed when expected to help when local celebrity Sir Noah Kimberley hasn’t turned up to present the trophies. A missing husband isn’t a police matter! But her reluctant enquiries turn into a complex double-murder investigation. Meanwhile, her friendship with newspaper proprietor Richard Gower grows to romance. British Mystery by Nancy Buckingham writing as Erica Quest; originally published by Doubleday for the Crime Club

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The Banana Split Affair

The Banana Split Affair by Cynthia Baxter/Cynthia Blair (ebook)

First of the Pratt identical twins series! Susan is a shy straight-A student and talented artist. Her twin sister Christine is outgoing and popular. Envious of each other’s lives, they decide to trade places. But complications arise when Chris falls for the boy Susan likes and Susan has to hide her identity from a boy she meets. Both girls face ups and downs as they learn about romance, each other, and themselves. 1st of the Pratt twin series. Young Adult Fiction by Cynthia Blair; originally published by Fawcett Juniper

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