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July 2016 — Current Releases

Death of a Dancer

Death of a Dancer by Irena Nieslony (ebook)

Rachel Fisher was now opening her new hotel. She couldn’t have been happier when friends chose her hotel to hold a 60th birthday party weekend. However, a startling discovery starts off a chain of events which can’t be stopped. Is Josh who he seems to be, and is Rachel’s life in danger again? Handsome Chief Inspector Taylor turns up to solve the crime. 2nd Rachel Fisher mystery Contemporary Mystery by Irena Nieslony; originally published by My Weekly at DC Thompson [UK]

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The Coconut Connection

The Coconut Connection by Cynthia Baxter/Cynthia Blair (ebook)

When the Pratt twins’ Christmas gift is a surprise trip to Hawaii, they expect a relaxing trip in paradise. But Chris and Susan soon discover that a tiny island off Waikiki harbors a secret. The clever, courageous girls can’t resist solving the mystery, once again using their identical appearance to accomplish the impossible! #13 of the Pratt twins series. Young Adult Fiction by Cynthia Blair; originally published by Fawcett Juniper

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Seducing the Spy

Seducing the Spy by Sandra Madden (ebook)

Cameron Thatcher, a British lieutenant fighting the Irish Rebellion, is shot by Meggie Fitzgerald—who was aiming for a duck. Still, she’s a beauty and Cam finds himself falling for this spirited lass. He can offer her little besides the gold ring he’s had since birth. But when Irish renegades abduct him, he wonders if Meggie has betrayed him. Until the mystery of the ring is solved… Historical Romance by Sandra Madden; originally published by Zebra as A Prince’s Heart

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Murder Bone by Bone

Murder Bone by Bone by Lora Roberts (ebook)

Human bones are discovered by the boys Liz Sullivan is babysitting. As if caring for Bridget Montrose’s four children is not demanding enough, there’s now an investigation into the fifteen year old crime. Paul Drake reluctantly accepts Liz’s helpful observations, but the old crime starts to intrude on the present, with frightening results. 4th Liz Sullivan Mystery by Lora Roberts; originally published by Fawcett

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The Irish Bride

The Irish Bride by Cynthia Bailey Pratt (ebook)

Rietta Ferris has been courted before for her wealth. But it is always her younger sister Blanche, beautiful and vivacious, who wins the men’s affections. So Rietta, to protect herself, disguises her own beauty, hoping that a gentleman will love her for herself. Sir Nicholas Kirwan’s Irish estate has been impoverished by his father’s gambling debts, so he’s looking for an heiress…but needs love. Historical Romance by Cynthia Bailey Pratt writing as Lynn Bailey; originally published by Jove

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Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger by Elizabeth Neff Walker (ebook)

Women's Fiction/Contemporary Romance by Elizabeth Neff Walker

It’s 1982 and Hilary Campbell writes a feminist column for a newspaper. She’s bright, attractive and independent—just what every man wants, right? So why did her live-in boyfriend leave, her editor insist on perfection, and the new man she meets in Oregon put her on a shaky pedestal? Taking care of her sister’s children is nothing compared with the challenges of understanding the men in her life... Originally published by Avon

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Death Rounds

Death Rounds by Peter Clement (ebook)

Dr. Earl Garnet encounters a deadly bacteria at University Hospital—one that is killing victims who are in some way connected. A nurse dies horrifically and Dr. Garnet’s own wife is gravely ill. While the surrounding community panics, the staff is quarantined—most likely with the sociopath who has masterminded the super-resistant strain and who promises to infect fifty more people immediately. Medical Thriller by Peter Clement; originally published by Fawcett

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