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March 2015 — Current Releases

Pickpocket's Apprentice

Pickpocket's Apprentice by Sheri Cobb South (ebook)

SPECIAL! When magistrate Patrick Colquhoun orders a habitual thief transported to Botany Bay, he doesn’t realize a fourteen-year-old boy has been left behind—not until young John Pickett is hauled into Bow Street for stealing an apple. Colquhoun arranges a job for John hauling coal, where John promptly falls in love with pert Sophy. At nineteen Pickett stumbles into a criminal investigation which will change the course of his life. Regency Mystery Novella by Sheri Cobb South; originally published by the author and Belgrave House/Regency Reads

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Bewitching Lord Winterton

Bewitching Lord Winterton by Marilyn Clay (ebook)

Available again! Because there is magic in great-grandmother’s wedding gown, golden-haired Lilibet simply must use it to win the impoverished Abercorn family a rich husband. But when handsome war-hero Lord Winterton comes calling, Neala opens the door and Winterton instantly wants her for his bride! But Neala refuses to leg-shackle the nobleman by magic. She will become his bride only when he realizes he is bewitched . . . by love. Regency Romance originally published by Zebra

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Marianna by Nancy Buckingham (ebook)

In Madeira, motherless Marianna lives a carefree childhood. Her closest friend is Jacinto, the intelligent son of her father’s vineyard manager. But at 16, she is married off to an older man by her feckless father. In England, William Penfold turns out to be ruthless and abusive. Much later Jacinto follows her and they inevitably become lovers. But it will be years before they can be together… Historical Romantic Saga by Nancy Buckingham; originally published by Eyre Methuen [UK]

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Twisted Time

Twisted Time by Amii Lorin (ebook)

Two novellas by Amii Lorin in one ebook. Footsteps in the Snow has a sad Faith Shelby spending Christmas Eve alone, and being whisked back in time two hundred plus years to find love with a colonial spy. In Turquoise Yesterdays Laura Brand falls back more than a hundred years, to find herself rescued by a rugged prospector who will risk all for her. Paranormal time slip romance novellas by Amii Lorin writing as Joan Hohl; originally published by Avon in two collections

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... and all-time favorites

Murder in the Cotswolds

Murder in the Cotswolds by Nancy Buckingham (ebook)

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Maddox arrives at her posting in the Cotswolds to be met by male hostility. She immediately has to solve the death of a wealthy local woman – not an accident, but murder. The car involved is found to belong to newspaper editor, Richard Gower. Kate, finding herself attracted to Richard, works hard to prove him innocent. British Mystery by Nancy Buckingham writing as Erica Quest; originally published as Death Walk by Doubleday for the Crime Club

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