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July 2015 — Current Releases

The Courting of Jenny Bright

The Courting of Jenny Bright by Sandra Heath (ebook)

When Jenny Bright’s mistress committed suicide, Jenny was thrown into prison for murder. But Sir Hugh discovered the truth and had her released. Jenny had loved Sir Hugh long before that but realized she had no chance of winning his affection. Without a job, Jenny returned to her brother Giles, where eventually Sir Hugh, bent on revenge, reappeared in the neighborhood—and seduced Jenny. British Historical Romance by Sandra Heath; originally published by Signet

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A Sea Change

A Sea Change by Lynda Ward (ebook)

Freespirited ecologist Ariel was intent on saving the world--mostly from people like Zachary, an uptight corporate executive who mistrusted her motives. Brought together by their mutual concern for Ariel's ailing grandmother, the unlikely pair discovered an intense physical attraction neither could deny. Passion was easy. What was harder was overcoming suspicion and cynicism, if they ever hoped to find common ground and make a future together. Contemporary Romance by Lynda Ward; originally published by Harlequin Superromance

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18th and 19th Century English Women at Sea

18th and 19th Century English Women at Sea by Marilyn Clay (ebook)

Here is a lively and entertaining account of the three types of women one might have found, legally or illegally, on board an English ship during the 18th and 19th centuries, i. e. prostitutes, officers’ and midshipmen’s wives and other female passengers, including mistresses, during both peace and wartime; and women masquerading as sailors or crewmen. Accounts researched from letters, diaries and autobiobraphies. Historical Nonfiction by Marilyn Clay

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Chains of Folly

Chains of Folly by Roberta Gellis (ebook)

The body of a woman is found in the bishop of Winchester’s bedchamber, with a letter from the king’s enemy. The obvious purpose is to embarrass the bishop and punish him for daring to criticize the king for his high-handed treatment of the bishop of Salisbury. Winchester’s knight, Sir Bellamy of Itchen, along with Magdalene la Bâtarde, whoremistress of the Old Priory Guesthouse must discover the truth. 4th Magdalene la Bâtarde Medieval Mystery by Roberta Gellis; originally published by Five Star

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... and all-time favorites

Elegy for a Queen

Elegy for a Queen by Margaret James (ebook)

In this "time-slip" novel set in contemporary and Anglo-Saxon England, Susannah Miller is researching ancient documents in a cathedral library when she uncovers the tragic story of a Saxon queen. Susannah herself is haunted by a recent tragedy, and when she joins an archeological dig, events in her own life begin to echo the distant past. Contemporary/Anglo-Saxon time slip novel of suspense and romance by Margaret James; originally published by Solidus Press (England)

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The Monkey Rope

The Monkey Rope by Stephen Lewis (ebook)

Growing up in mid-century Brooklyn, Seymour Lipp’s nemesis was Junior Constantino. Seymour became an attorney, Junior a petty criminal. Both at different times have been involved with the sensuous Lois. When Junior is accused of a rape murder he enlists Seymour as his defense attorney. Out of this tangled triangle, The Monkey Rope tells a story that grabs you and doesn’t let go. Mystery by Stephen Lewis; originally published by Walker

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