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June 2015 — Current Releases

A Sea Change

A Sea Change by Lynda Ward (ebook)

Freespirited ecologist Ariel was intent on saving the world--mostly from people like Zachary, an uptight corporate executive who mistrusted her motives. Brought together by their mutual concern for Ariel's ailing grandmother, the unlikely pair discovered an intense physical attraction neither could deny. Passion was easy. What was harder was overcoming suspicion and cynicism, if they ever hoped to find common ground and make a future together. Contemporary Romance by Lynda Ward; originally published by Harlequin Superromance

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Chains of Folly

Chains of Folly by Roberta Gellis (ebook)

The body of a woman is found in the bishop of Winchester’s bedchamber, with a letter from the king’s enemy. The obvious purpose is to embarrass the bishop and punish him for daring to criticize the king for his high-handed treatment of the bishop of Salisbury. Winchester’s knight, Sir Bellamy of Itchen, along with Magdalene la Bâtarde, whoremistress of the Old Priory Guesthouse must discover the truth. 4th Magdalene la Bâtarde Medieval Mystery by Roberta Gellis; originally published by Five Star

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The Other Cathy

The Other Cathy by Nancy Buckingham (ebook)

Riding on the Yorkshire moors, Emma meets a handsome stranger. Later, she is horrified to learn he is the man convicted of murdering her father 13 years ago, Matthew Sutcliffe, and back from transportation to Australia. Now wealthy, having found gold, he still protests his innocence. Emma finds herself believing him, but who then is the killer? Historical Romantic Suspense/Gothic by Nancy Buckingham; originally published by Eyre Methuen [UK]

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Hot on the Trail

Hot on the Trail by Irena Nieslony (ebook)

A fifth adventure for the intrepid Eve Masters. She and her fiancé, David, jet off from Crete to Perth in Western Australia to claim an inheritance. However, instead of being able to enjoy a luxurious holiday, they become embroiled in a series of unexpected events as they discover that the woman who had kidnapped David on Crete is now also in Perth, having escaped from the police. 5th Eve Masters Mystery. Contemporary Romantic Suspense by Irena Nieslony; originally published by My Weekly at DC Thompson [UK]

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... and all-time favorites

Summer Wine

Summer Wine by Freda Vasilopoulos (ebook)

Sara Morgan falls asleep on a remote Greek beach and has a vivid dream of Apollo come to earth. She soon finds that Nick Angelopoulos is real and all too tempting. But after an act of sabotage at the archaeological site where they are working, she begins to wonder if he is really a friend and potential lover, or a dangerous enemy. Romantic Suspense by Freda Vasilopoulos writing as Freda Vasilos; originally published by Silhouette Special Edition

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Seductive Deceiver

Seductive Deceiver by Catherine Spencer (ebook)

Kim Forrester wants custody of her orphaned nephew, but Adam Ryan has already stepped in as guardian. Deciding her only chance of achieving her goal lies in seducing him, she learns there’s a lot more to Judge Adam Ryan than first meets the eye. Can she convince him her motives have changed and she wants him for all the right reasons after all? Contemporary Romancy by Catherine Spencer writing as Kathy Orr; originally published by Dell Candlelight Ecstasy Romance

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