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August 2016 — Current Releases

The Dancers' Land

The Dancers' Land by Elisabeth Kidd (ebook)

Kate Collier came to love Spain while living there with her uncle’s family. She even forgot the first stirrings of passionate love she’d felt years before as an impressionable girl in Paris. But when Napoleon’s army invaded her sunny land, and Britain’s army came to help the Spanish drive him out, her heart was torn between the home she’d chosen and the love she thought would never return. Historical Romance by Elisabeth Kidd; originally published by Avon

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Kiss of Hot Sun

Kiss of Hot Sun by Nancy Buckingham (ebook)

When Kerry Lyndon’s employer, Monica, decides to marry an American, she provides Kerry with a job as assistant to famous actress Adeline Harcourt at Villa Stella d’Oro in Sicily. But characters Kerry met in Rome keep turning up at the guest villa, especially Philip Rainsby, with whom she’d spent a magical evening. There was something decidedly suspicious about everyone, and then there was a murder… Romantic Suspense/Gothic by Nancy Buckingham; originally published by Robert Hale [UK]

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Race the Sun

Race the Sun by Lynda Ward (ebook)

Despite her wealthy position in Denver society, Dr. Elaine Welles serves the needy. Now mysterious industrialist Ruy Areias has joined forces with her father, and only Elaine recognizes him as the penniless boy who stole her innocence. Fearing his motives, Elaine travels to Brazil to learn why Ruy has returned to her life after all these years–and why he still seems to hold such power over her heart. 1st of the Welles’ sisters trilogy. Originally published by Harlequin Superromance

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Merlyn's Isle

Merlyn's Isle by Elisabeth Kidd (ebook)

Claire Bradley travels to Cornwall searching for answers about her sister Elaine’s death—and her even more mysterious life. Elaine’s brother-in-law, Gareth Trent, owner of the otherworldly home on the ocean called Merlyn’s Isle, insists there is no mystery, but invites Claire to stay to collect Elaine’s things, hoping to satisfy her that Elaine and her husband really did die in a boating accident. Gothic novella by Elisabeth Kidd for only $1.

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... and all-time favorites

A Fair Pretender

A Fair Pretender by Janet Woods (ebook)

Graine Seaton impersonates Evelyn Adams because she wants to survive. Her new identity comes with a fortune, and betrothal to a man of letters. Graine doesn’t count on falling in love with Saville Lamartine, the master of Rushford House, nor does she envisage opposing the slave trade from which her fortune came. When her pretence is exposed and her life is under threat, will Saville come to her rescue? Georgian Historical Romance by Janet Woods; originally published by Robert Hale [UK] PLUS download the FREE collection of Janet Woods' stories: The Assembly

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The Great Circus Train Robbery

The Great Circus Train Robbery by Nancy Means Wright (ebook)

Second of the Northern Spy mysteries, following the Agatha winner The Pea Soup Poisonings. Who stole three red rail cars from Spence’s antique circus train? The hair-raising quest takes Zoe and Spence from a neighbor’s murky basement to the Quirkus Circus to help two wacky clowns—until one of them disappears… Agatha Finalist for Best Children’s/Young Adult Novel. Young Adult/Juvenile Mystery by Nancy Means Wright; originally published by Hilliard & Harris

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