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January 2015 — Current Releases

Wake of Evil

Wake of Evil by Loretta Jackson (ebook)

Elaine Todd worked for her uncle, Aaron Todd, at his copper mine. Aaron clashed with the mine’s foreman, Brad Winters, and during an angry confrontation, fired him. That night in a drunken rage Brad showed up at Aaron’s isolated lodge--and the result was murder. When Aaron’s long-time rival, Vince Gillette, appeared to deepen the mystery that surrounded the mine, Elaine worked alone to find the killer. Romantic Suspense by Loretta Jackson; originally published by Golden Meteorite Press

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Love Bade Me Welcome

Love Bade Me Welcome by Joan Smith (ebook)

Davinia Blythe had lost her young husband suddenly. So she went to his family home, Blythe Wyngate, and was originally welcomed. Until it became known that she was pregnant, with the possible heir if her child was a boy. Then she was pushed off the windmill stairs. Who could have done it but Homer, who had assumed he was the heir and taken charge of Wyngate? Victorian Romantic Suspense by Joan Smith; originally published by Fawcett Crest

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The Pumpkin Principle

The Pumpkin Principle by Cynthia Baxter/Cynthia Blair (ebook)

Is the decaying Victorian mansion on Crabtree Hill really haunted? Identical twins Chris and Susan Pratt decide there’s no time like Halloween to find out. Then another mystery arises: what to do when they both fall for the same boy. A third mystery: how to make the annual Halloween Dance special. The girls encounter unexpected tricks and treats as they cleverly solve all three mysteries. Young Adult Fiction by Cynthia Blair; originally published by Fawcett Juniper

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The Darkness Drops

The Darkness Drops by Peter Clement (ebook)

Dr. Terry Ryder is special advisor to the President on bioterror preparedness; he has spent a decade attempting to anticipate which microbes might be weaponized and unleashed. When patients begin to present with slight tremors and numbness in their limbs, it takes him a while to realize that this is an attack. The answers he seeks elude him, and dark episodes from his past appear connected to the mystery. Medical Thriller by Peter Clement, M.D.; originally published by Belgrave House

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